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Alright, so here’s the deal

I didn’t like the first chapter I wrote for this, so I deleted.

But now I really don’t know where I’m going with the storyline. 

So I’m going to add a few more characters, change a bio or two and see if I can work with it.

Anonymous sent: When are you going to post a story??

I’m not sure, but I’ll have something up by Saturday.

Their Backgrounds

Kassidy Dahl is 21. She was born in Sweden, but after nearly 10 years of living in Europe, her parents decided to move to Georgia in the U.S. They settled down in Savannah, where Kassidy met her three best friends, Bianca Wilde, Nicole Javier and Gia Santiago. At first the girls didn’t like each other much, but they quickly warmed up to each other. Unfortunately, Gia’s father’s job required him to relocate when she was in the 9th grade. Instead of telling her friends, she just up and vanished without a goodbye. Nicole ended up graduating three years early, and left to purse her dream as a makeup artist. Leaving only Kassidy and Bianca. When the two girls graduated, they all decided to move to Atlanta. Despite being accepted into several colleges, Kassidy isn’t currently attending college. Of course she wanted to further her education, but she’d rather live in the real world for the time being. In a few years she’ll probably give college a shot, but until then she’s good working at Romero’s Bar and Grill. She isn’t really one to keep a job, due to her lack of respect for most people, bad attitude, refusal to take orders, and inability to be puncutual but she’s managing to pay the bills. She just hopes no one finds out how. 

Bianca Wilde, a 20 year old model hailing from Quebec, Canada. Though she was born in Canada, her parents seperated before she was even born and she spent every summer of her life in Montreal until she was 18. She has a sort of estranged relationship with her Canadian mother now, but doesn’t really like to speak on it. The relationship she has with her father is unreal, though. She can tell him almost anything, and goes to him in her times of need. She is of French Canadian and Puerto Rican descent. She enjoyed school a little more than other kids, and because of that she was able to skip a grade. Bianca did everything in school: cheerleading, volley ball, step team, majorette, newspaper, color guard. You name it, she’s been apart it of it in some way, shape or form. Even though her father is a wealthy man who could support her and her friends financially, she got a real job just like Kassidy when she moved to Atlanta. 

Gianna ‘Gia’ Santiago, the 22 year old girlfriend of rapper Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham. Gia grew up in an extremely wealthy but sort of temporary home. One year they were in Chicago, the next they were in Mexico, and a year later they were in Puerto Rico. Her father had a very high paying job, but it caused their family to move around almost every year. Whenever she made real friends, she had to move 1000 miles away. For this reason, she’s never really been very social. She can come off as shy and closed off, but once you really get to know her she’s a blast. She and Drake met when she was casted for his ‘Find your Love’ video almost over two years ago. Naturally, she dismissed him as another one of these good-for-nothing rappers out here that just wanted a million baby mommas. She was convinced he’d leave her alone if she just didn’t pay him any attention when they weren’t shooting. Eventually, she got tired of him following her around so she agreed to let him take her dinner, which lead to breakfast, which lead to her spending Christmas in Canada with his family, and them moving in together. Tabeloids are always making acusations that she’s ‘loving the crew’ but she doesn’t let it phase her. She’s got eyes for one man and one man only, and she’s got a promise ring to prove it. All other’s can fall back.

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Javier, is a 7 year old trapped inside of a 21 year old’s body. She’s so full of life that she comes off as a childish and a little drunk, but she’s just a happy person. She likes to blow bubbles, watch cartoons, and act like a little kid but that’s just her personality. All these things make people assume Nikki’s a little ditzy, and she got bullied all throughout highschool for it. Even though she had her girls Kassidy Dahl and Bianca Wilde to beat up any bitch that tried to get smart, she grew tired of people thinking of her so negitively. She was tempted to drop out, but her mom would be too disappointed. Instead, Nicole opted most logical option. She doubled up her classes Freshman and Sophmore year, and graduated at the age of 15, three years earlier than she should have. She wanted to wait on her friends to graduate before she left Savannah, but they encouraged her to move forward. She moved to California and attended beauty school and is currently working as a makeup artist for big names. She hasn’t seen Kassidy or Bianca in a while but she was hired as the makeup artist for Gia in Drake’s ‘Find your Love’ video. When the two girls reconnected, Gia introduced her to one of Drake’s friends, Shad. It was love at first sight. They’ve been together for almost as long as G and Drake, despite his cheating every so often.

Michael ‘Tyga’ Neverson, a 22 year old rapper from Miami. Tyga grew up in a harsh environment. He never really had anybody. His dad was out of the picture soon after he was born, and his mother was almost never present. Some days he’d go up to a week without his mom coming home. This lifestyle forced him to grow up sooner than he should have had to. He got a job but the money wasn’t fast enough, and the only thing his mom seemed to be doing was paying the morgage. He began dealing drugs on the side, and writing songs about doing such. He always went to clubs and won rap battles, but one particular night Wayne heard him freestyling. He liked his flow and pulled him to the side to offer him a trial deal. He decided he wouldn’t put his dreams on the back-burner anylonger, and accepted. A few months ago, he and short-term girlfriend Camille broke up. She was with him for 5 months but he was only with her for 2. He was never the most faithful, and Camille eventually grew tired of letting him walk all over her. Since then, he’s been at King of Diamond every other weekend, leaving with a different stripper (or strippers) each time.

Christopher ‘Chris’ Brown, 23 year old rapper/dancer. Unlike his best friend Tyga, Chris grew up in a stable home. He went to church every Sunday, he got good grades in school, and he kept the same job for 3 years. When he turned 16, he was every girl’s dream: a young, successful, light-bright boy who could sing. His career seemed to skyrocket from there but everything went down hill when he had an incident with his long-time girlfriend, Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty. The story was, he beat up on her while they were in the car driving back from an award show. He gave her a black eye and bruised her up a bit and it was plastered all over the internet. The paparazzi had a field day with the seemingly ‘squeaky clean’ singer’s story. Allegations of cheating, pregnancy, and STD transmittion were all suspected to be the cause of the Chris’s actions, but no one knows for sure the real story. 

Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, a 25 year old rapper from Canada. Drake is the kind of guy everyone naturally gets along with. He’s not very comfortantational, and he does his best to help anyone who’s in need. He’s an honest guy, but you can catch him at the strip club every once and a while when things get bad with Gia. Cheating has never even crossed his mind though, he’s too deep in his relationship to try to jeopardize it. He loves Gia more than he loves anyone (except for his moms of course) and he’s been trying to find the courage to wife her up, but he can’t seem to do it. The only thing he’s been able to slip on her finger is a promise ring.

Shad Moss, 24 year old rapper who’s been in the limelight practically since he was in diapers. He was in every middle and high school girl’s locker until he seemed to disappear. The guy that was once on the cover of every magazine seemed to be nowhere in sight. His music and movies just stopped aburptly. Three years later he resurfaced, and blew up again. Once again he was selling out arenas, making movies, and avoiding the paparazzi. But this time he had a little mini me on his hip. No one’s really sure where his apparent daughter seemed to come from, but her mother didn’t seem to be in the picture. That was until he started being seen with one of Gia’s close friends, Nicole. Everyone now assumes that Nicole is the mother of Shad’s baby but he and Nicole know otherwise. He’s cheated on Nicole more than a few times, but each time they broken up, they always get back together less than a month later.

click the photo to see their names

click the photo to see their names